SARAWAK DESIGN CENTRE (SARADEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary company of STIDC, is a production house to produce young furniture design talents and creative designs in Sarawak to be accepted and recognized globally. Sarawak's furniture design is finding its way to international markets, attracting all layers of buyers and collectors with their distinctiveness, and designs that bind together culture and nature with indigenous motifs from the State's multi-ethnic makeup. This supports the goals of SARADEC's vision to be a Global Design Enterprise by 2030 and its mission to secure a position for Sarawak furniture in the world market.

"Sarawak Design Centre (SARADEC); ambitions to position Sarawak as a regional design hub using uniquely Sarawakian cultural motifs in the furniture industry. Roaring to become a Global Design Enterprise and produce world recognised design talents thru their signature initiative.. the Young Designer Development Programme." - SEGAREN ARU

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Life and nature inspired forms intermingled with functionality and intuitiveness. These are what shape the basis of the designs of SARADEC's furniture ranging from the contemporary to the exquisite. Each piece showcases the use of high-quality Sarawak solid wood that enhances and brings to life the creative and artful works by SayD'Signers Sarawak's talented young furniture designers, promoting colour and add a touch of elegance to your living space. Not only does Sarawak solid wood ooze an aura of stunning natural aesthetics, but it is also highly versatile, durable and easy to maintain. The creative customised designs in turn bring out the best qualities of the sustainable wood sourced from Sarawak, a State that prides herself in producing high quality sustainable solid wood.

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